Radiant in Residential

Maryland "dream home" to feature graduated terraces, radiant heating

Thu, 12/15/2011 - 11:13

A Maryland house located off of historic Glyndon's main street will be the "dream home" for Todd and Karen Morrill. This residence, featuring everything from radiant heating to graduated terraces, was recently completed, according to The Baltimore Sun.

The news source reported that the Morrill family wanted a new residence that would combine a green and earthy feeling with an array of modern conveniences and technology. The one-story home will provide the couple with significant access to their back and front yards, along with the terraces and gardens that line the property.

"You will see that every door opens to a courtyard or a patio," Karen Morrill standing on the flagstone porch, told the Sun. "Pick a door, and come on in."

Though the family wanted to focus on the exterior of their home during construction, the inside was outfitted with the latest technology. After installing new kitchen appliances, doors, windows and fixtures for their house, Karen decided to put in a radiant heating system and new insulation.

"I've had traditional houses all my life, and this is a radical change," she said of the many new additions to their residence.

A radiant heating system works well with a residence that has many large windows and doors, as the technology provides a more even distribution of warmth from the ceiling to the floor than a conventional heating system.

The radiant technology also warms a residence in a quicker fashion than conventional systems, due to the integrated aluminum piping subfloor, and this helps to provide comfortable heat quickly during cold winter months. The unique design also helps to limit parasitic heat loss, as radiators, heating ducts and air vents are not needed to operate this technology.