Radiant in Residential

Excessive heating bills lead UK town to seek new heating systems

Fri, 03/30/2012 - 07:39

Families in St. Neots, England, are hoping to end a 16-month battle to improve the heating systems that are in their homes, as a coalition of residents are looking to influence policy provided by the local housing association, The Hunts Post reported.

According to the news source, residents of Love's Farm, a neighborhood within the town, said that they were forced into fuel poverty because of excessive heating bills that were allegedly caused by inefficient boiler systems and outdated technology in the form of conventional heating systems in their home.

The residents went to the Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association (BPHA) in order to develop a plan for changing the heating systems in their homes and help families in the town gain access to information and resources related to a more efficient delivery of heat, the Post reported.

"BPHA were absolutely amazing - we felt they listened to us and are on our side. It’s a pity the same couldn’t be said of the other parties," one resident told the news source.

Residents on both sides of the Atlantic would likely benefit from the use of a more efficient heating system, as the fantastic results that are delivered by this technology are easy to see after it is installed.

While radiant heating systems can vary in cost and efficiency, one product stands on its own. A Warmboard system helps to eliminate the high heating costs that can arise, and works to provide a high level of comfort.

Not only will the entire family appreciate warm floors in the morning, but parents will be won over by the low heating and installation costs for the system. The thin paneling of the system will allow design-oriented individuals to choose any type of flooring to put over the product, unlike many of its competitors' systems.