Radiant in Residential

California home combines look of 1950s with modern technology

Mon, 01/09/2012 - 11:41

A home in Venice, California, has been built with an adherence to the style of the 1950s, but comes complete with the latest in technological advancements, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Due to the installation of technology like a radiant heating system, an array of solar panels and a modern air conditioning arrangement, the older home is able to provide convenience without the costs and energy consumption of past residences.

"With this bungalow, I wanted to incorporate sustainable design practices without sacrificing the artistic Venice vibe," the designer of the home told the Times. "My aim was to create a modern, relaxed beach aesthetic that was compatible with the charming neighborhood. We used an array of subtle textures and shades of taupe and warm grays to exude a sense of calmness throughout."

According to the news source, the energy-star appliances will help the residence achieve a level of energy consumption that will not be as high as other homes of the same size. Though the price difference is minor, the long-term electricity savings may make the house a better investment.

The radiant heating system was installed in the house as a way to provide comfortable warmth throughout the residence, with minimal energy costs and low levels of carbon emissions.

The technology is effective to the point where a lower temperature can be set but the entire residence will feel warmer. This effect works like the sun on a cold day, as the heat given off makes individuals feel as though the temperature is higher than what it actually is.

A radiant heater can also help to limit the parasitic heat loss that is a problem with many older heating systems. This can result from the radiators, heating ducts and air vents that are needed for these systems to operate.