Radiant in Commercial

Wyoming city uses energy efficient building upgrades to cut costs

Mon, 05/07/2012 - 10:43

The city of Cheyenne, Wyoming, will benefit from recent energy efficient improvements that were made to buildings in its metropolitan areas, as the operating costs and consumption levels of its commercial structures were dramatically reduced, according to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

The news source reported that the total project will come to $1.3 million and will involve making energy-efficient upgrades to more than 30 buildings in downtown Cheyenne. These alterations are expected to save the local government more than $175,000 a year. These savings will help to limit the utility costs and free up funding for other projects that will benefit area residents.

"We are being good stewards of the tax dollars," the city's assistant public works director Vicki Nemecek told the news source. "I think it’s been a great project for the city."

The work included individual projects to install new lighting, replace boilers, putting in new digital temperature controls and inserting radiant heating systems into the floors of many of the buildings.

Because of the new installation, the city is going to see more funding available for similar projects in the near future, according to the Eagle. This could include an expansion of the energy efficient push into private buildings.

Technology like radiant heating systems, especially the industry's most efficient products from Warmboard, help to eliminate the high heating costs that can sometimes exist for a structure during the winter months.

A Warmboard radiant heating system helps to limit the energy costs and consumption for a building through limiting the amount of energy necessary to provide heat to each floor. A lack of parasitic heat loss in these systems also adds to the efficient nature of the product, as waste is minimized.