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U.S. Army leads push for energy efficiency in heating systems

Tue, 03/06/2012 - 10:23

The U.S. Army has been on the forefront of energy efficiency in America, as the Department of Defense and the various agencies tied to the military have enacted plans to help reduce long-term operating costs by using energy efficient technology at bases and facilities around the world, according to a release from the Army.

The release noted that the Army's Baumholder energy initiatives have provided many of its bases around the world with the funding for new technology that will help its facilities and bases save money on operating costs.

Sean Lambur,  the director of the Plans, Analysis and Integration Office for USAG Baumholder, noted that the Baumholder program will help the Army remain at the forefront of the energy efficiency push, and has already led to significant savings for the Army.

Baumholder has recently received $3.4 million to install radiant heating systems in 11 facilities, as these heating systems will replace the old hot air blowers that existed at these sites.

"This initiative will save Baumholder more than $600,000 annually in energy costs," Lambur said of the recently-received funding for the project.

According to the release, at certain sites the heating systems will be linked to a series of solar panels, accounting for an even greater reduction of energy costs and consumption.

A Warmboard radiant heating system is the most effective product on the market in terms of linking a solar panel array with a radiant heating system, as the technology that is used helps to maximize on the efficiency of the green nature of the panels.

Warmboard products use highly-conductive aluminum tubing, which allows for lower water temperatures to be used in heating a room. This requires less energy from the solar panels, helping to limit costs and consumption.