Radiant in Commercial

The right heating system for offices

Fri, 12/02/2011 - 10:44

Many offices use the latest technology in terms of computers, lighting and heating. However, determining the most efficient heater for an office is not something that many managers are trained to do.

This choice is important for offices that have a high level of foot traffic and are concerned about the happiness and comfort of their customers. Occupations that rely on a constant stream of customers may want to look into acquiring a radiant heating system.

This technology allows for the heat to spread out more evenly than a conventional system, as the temperature difference between the floor and ceiling is only two-to-three degrees in a radiant system.

A radiant heater will not only provide a more comfortable atmosphere for an office, it will also help to reduce the high heating costs that are associated with more traditional heaters. The radiant technology allows for sufficient warmth to be generated without setting the technology to a high temperature. This occurs because of the nature of radiant heat, as a room feels warmer than it actually is.

VaNcNews.com reported that the Warren County, North Carolina manager's office has officially reopened with a series of new improvements that include a radiant heating system. This technology was installed to let residents be more comfortable when coming in to handle matters dealing with the government.

"They did a wonderful job under the direction of Charles Ayscue, Building and Grounds manager, and Andy Riggleman, assistant manager," a citizen told the news source about the renovated building.

Although the project was initially delayed, the finished project has received praise from many citizens due to the comfortable setting in which they can wait to have their case heard.

"This is a wonderful investment in the county," a second resident told VaNcNews.com.