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Pennsylvania township constructs energy efficient firehouse

Wed, 05/02/2012 - 05:39

The firefighters in London Britain Township, Pennsylvania, will be able to enjoy a new firehouse, as the local government constructed an energy efficient building to house the civil servants and their bright yellow fire trucks, the Southern Chester Weekly reported.

According to the news outlet, on April 1, the West Grove Fire Company moved into the new station, located on Route 986 and surrounded by wilderness. The township, in an effort to save money on operating costs for the center, decided to build the facility in an energy efficient manner.

The station is designed so that water used by the company for firefighting purposes is partially derived from sources that are connected to a wastewater system. This helps to recycle rainwater and use this runoff to help save townspeople in distress.

Along with that energy efficient technology, the new station is warmed entirely by a radiant heating system, as the hot water that is pumped through the floors around the whole building provides warmth to the firefighters, especially during the cold winters that these brave civil servants endure.

Large houses and buildings benefit from the use of radiant heating systems, as these products evenly distribute warmth around a room and help to lower overall energy costs.

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