Radiant in Commercial

Pennsylvania building to utilize radiant heating internally and externally

Tue, 01/10/2012 - 09:54

The Palmer Township Board of Supervisors recently approved plans for a new public works building to be built on Hartley Avenue in the Pennsylvania town, according to the Palmer Patch.

The news source reported that the building will come at a cost of $2.76 million and will contain everything from expanded truck bays to a unique indoor and outdoor radiant heating system.

Tom Adams, who presented the plan for the new building to the board, noted that as director of public works, the creation of this building was paramount to continued success in the area.
"So, you’re just looking for the board’s blessing, so you can put it out to bid," David Colver, chairman of the board of supervisors, told Adams following his presentation.

Adams presented the board with plans for a 40,000-square-foot building that would be built on 20 acres where the township currently has a small administrative facility.

"We want to put every possible [piece of equipment the township] owns inside, and have room for the future," Colver said, noting that the high price for the building reflected the growing needs for the township to consolidate its operations.

In addition to space for all of the township's vehicles, equipment and an abundance of storage space, the facility will have a radiant heating system installed, both internally and externally, according to the Patch.

The installation of a radiant heating system will help to reduce the long-term heating costs for the structure, as parasitic heat loss is minimized and the more efficient system helps to reduce the temperature that the technology has to be set at to achieve a comfortable warmth.

Along with the reduction in energy usage, allergens and contaminants that are produced by older heating systems will be eliminated.