Radiant in Commercial

New Italian hospital completed with efficient radiant heating system

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 09:47

The design process for the new Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, Italy, was revolutionary, as energy efficient building technology was used in conjunction with traditional Italian styles for a modern version of ancient hospices, World Architecture News reported.

According to the news outlet, the building lies harmoniously in the landscape that surrounds Bergamo, and the design of the structure is such that much of the countryside can be seen.

The building itself is comprised of a number of energy efficient materials, including the more basic installations like large windows in the patients rooms and a solar shading system that helps to limit the need for air conditioning on even the warmest summer days.

According to World Architecture News, there is an overall climactic wellness that is present in the structure, as radiant heating and cool panels have been installed throughout the premises. Each building is complete with the technology, as the operating costs can be lowered significantly because of this installation.

While radiant heating systems may help to reduce the overall electricity costs for a building, some products are able to achieve this these savings to a greater extent.

A Warmboard radiant heating system uses highly-conductive tubing in conjunction with aluminum-covered paneling to transport the warm water throughout a room, allowing the product to provide heat without using too much energy like other products.

Because other products require the water to be heated to a much higher temperature, due to the use of less aluminum, they waste more energy than a Warmboard system.

Along with lowering the energy costs and consumption of a building, Warmboard systems also limit the presence of toxins and allergens in the air, as the subfloor technology is completely hidden, safe and quiet.