Radiant in Commercial

Modern New York gym utilizes radiant heating system

Wed, 05/23/2012 - 08:36

New York Institute of Technology architecture and design students used their flair for sustainable and modern design to transform a Police Athletic League boxing gym in Freeport, New York, into a community destination for fitness and health education. The new center has a number of green technologies, including radiant heating and LED lighting, according to Archinect.

The news source reported that daylighting, radiant heating, solar thermal water heating, permeable paving and recycled materials were put into the building in order to limit energy consumption and to increase the comfort level of the center, and these technologies were used along with an outdoor garden and large windows in order to give off an air of peace and serenity at the fitness facility.

The architecture students were trying to provide the community members with a workout center that was both relaxing and modern, as the cutting-edge building has the look of an old boxing gym despite the many visible green technologies. Old-school posters and fixtures are juxtaposed with solar panels in order to give the facility a feeling of retro-chic.

The inclusion of technology like radiant heating is often done in order to limit energy costs and consumption, but also to help improve the comfort level of a building.

Certain products achieve this comfort more than others, as Warmboard radiant heating systems help to spread the heat out evenly due to the use of highly-conductive aluminum material on the paneling of the system.

Along with being extremely comfortable, Warmboard heating systems help to limit the negative impact a structure has on the environment. The product does not need as much energy to heat a building, helping it to limit the waste often associated with heating systems.