Radiant in Commercial

Kansas farm equipment shop outfitted with latest in comfortable, green technology

Fri, 01/06/2012 - 10:53

Adam Baldwin, a farmer and seed salesman from McPherson, Kansas, decided that he would build his new farm shop with the latest technology in order to attract customers and limit overall costs for his business. He decided to install a radiant heating system and new lighting after finishing construction, according to the High Plains Journal.

The news source reported that Baldwin wanted the lighting to be able to effectively showcase his products without contributing to a higher electricity bill. These reasons also motivated the Kansas resident to invest in a radiant heating system, as this would help to keep the large shop warm during winter months. He noted that he may even expand the size of his facility if business picks up.

"I built it to be dual purpose, for seed and a shop, so when seed is in here one end becomes a warehouse and the other end is always a shop space," Baldwin told the Journal. "I always figured if I outgrow it with seed I could always build a non-insulated seed shed."

A radiant heating system works well in places that have large and open rooms, as the technology helps to spread the heat out in a more even manner than a traditional heater. While the temperature difference between the floor and ceiling can be more than ten degrees with conventional heating technology, a radiant system limits this gap to two-to-three degrees.

This type of heating system is more efficient, as the parasitic heat loss that exists due to poor integration of radiators, heating vents and air ducts in older systems is eliminated when using radiant heating installed as part of a subfloor.