Radiant in Commercial

Hot yoga trend has apartment building owners installing radiant heating

Thu, 04/12/2012 - 10:00

A number of apartment owners across North America are beginning to adjust their properties to accommodate their fitness-obsessed renters, according to Metro News Canada. This has led to the installation of yoga studios, stationary bike rooms and even rock climbing walls.

The news source reported that the new trend in condo-construction has been to prepare for the eventual need for a high-end fitness facility of some sort, but due to a lack of space, building owners have had to plan their workout rooms in a creative manner.

According to Metro News Canada, sometimes an overreach on the part of the architect and owners can be disastrous, as several popular condos in Toronto included things like rock climbing walls that were never used by the tenants.

Hot Yoga is in right now, one builder told the news source, and this has led many owners to construct a room that features radiant heating and bamboo flooring.

"It’s basically doing yoga in sauna-like atmospheres. You use radiant heat panels to heat the room," said the builder.

"I built one at Discovery I and II, and I’m building one at the Parade condominium. We’re actually doing the bamboo flooring today," another builder told the news source.

The use of radiant heating makes sense for apartment owners, as this technology is efficient and does not use a significant amount of energy.

Products like Warmboard radiant heating systems can also be easily installed as part of a subfloor under any material, making it easy to change the flooring if a builder owner wants to alter the look of a room.

Warmboard systems also help to limit the energy costs more than most products, as the technology requires less energy to provide heat due to the use of highly-conductive aluminum tubing.