Radiant in Commercial

Energy savings from efficient technology: A growing trend in any sector

Wed, 05/16/2012 - 10:33

Poultry producers may be able to achieve energy savings of more than 30 percent by using radiant heating systems, an industry expert told Farmers Weekly.

Though the technology is often used for residential purposes, the energy savings recorded by many businesses in other industries have prompted many companies in unique sectors to consider the benefits that the products could provide for their bottom line.

According to the news outlet, trials were conducted by the Farm Energy Centre in the UK, as farmers wanted to know if they could use the technology in order to limit the amount of money that they spent heating areas for their animals.

Less waste through a better management of the facility, including closing doors and windows on a more regular basis, can allow a firm to lower their overall operating costs. "This, combined with better control and use of the radiant heating effect, suggest this could increase to over 30 percent in many types of buildings," an industry expert noted about several energy efficient heating products that he had tried.

While some products help to limit the amount of energy that is needed to provide warmth to a building, systems like those offered by Warmboard are more efficient and increase these savings to a much higher level.

A Warmboard radiant heating system uses less energy to provide the same level of heat due to the fact that the technology does not need the water pumped throughout the system to be heated to as high of a temperature as other products. This is achieved through the company's use of highly-conductive aluminum paneling, which is thin enough to fit under any floor covering.