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Energy efficient Indiana firehouse to be finished in June

Mon, 05/21/2012 - 09:57

The construction of the new Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department in Brazil, Indiana, is set to finish at the end of June, as the building crews are finishing the last minute work on the energy efficient structure.

According to The Brazil Times, the construction of the building took slightly longer than expected, as the decisions to add energy efficient products like radiant heating and a new air conditioning system were made later on in the process.

"As the building goes, we're getting close to 90 percent complete, 85-90 percent complete," Fire Chief Larry Tempel told the newspaper. "We hope to be substantially completed by the end of June. We may not be moved in yet, but somewhere in that area."

The new station will be larger than the previous home to the local firefighters, and in an effort to cut operating costs, it will contain energy efficient technology like cross ventilation, geothermal heating/cooling, a "green" roof, radiant heated floors and LED or CFL lighting. These products were chosen by the contractors as a way for the local government to save money.

Products like a radiant heating system are often added to buildings as a way to limit the heating costs during winter months, especially for large buildings like a firehouse.

A Warmboard radiant heating system helps structures limit their energy use because of the highly efficient delivery system that the product relies on. This is achieved through the use of conductive aluminum paneling, which helps to bring the warm water throughout the building without losing energy or heat.

While other products require this water to be heated to a high temperature, the highly-conductive paneling allows for the temperature to be lowered and less energy to be used.