Radiant in Commercial

Connecticut community center renovated to include radiant heating, energy efficient technologies

Fri, 05/25/2012 - 09:38

The recently completed plans for renovation of the Darien, Connecticut YMCA have led many in the community to applaud the local government and project architects, as the new facility will combine energy efficiency and safe comfort for children who enter the building.

Darien News reported that the local government has outlined plans that would include radiant heating, a gas-fired electricity generator and highly-efficient lighting systems, all contributing to the sustainability of the building and limiting the negative impact on both children and the local environment.

"The outcome is, we save a little money, we're environmentally responsible because we save the trees, and we're good neighbors because we provide screening," Christopher McCagg, one of the architects who worked on the project, told the news source.

Although the improvements to the center have been applauded by the local community, the building process for the new YMCA has been a struggle due to funding issues and trying to make the facility as energy efficient as possible.

"Originally a more modern design was submitted to the town and was rejected," said McCagg. "On short notice, we were asked to come back with a redesign, something more neighbor-friendly and contextually appropriate to the surrounding residential community."

The installation of a radiant heating system for the YMCA is likely to reduce the center's operating costs by a significant margin, along with providing the building with a clean, quiet and efficient source of heat.

Unlike forced-air heating systems, a radiant heating system does not require the use of dirt- and allergen-producing fixtures like radiators, heating ducts and air vents. This limits the possibility of children being exposed to unhealthy air while indoors for extended periods.