Radiant in Commercial

Canadian structure to include massive radiant heating system

Thu, 04/26/2012 - 06:16

The city council in Morinville, Alberta, recently approved a plan for renovations at the Civic Place facility, as the governing body decided to spend more than $4.2 million on improvements to the building, The Morinville News reported.

According to the news outlet, the city council has been working with local contractors to decide the best possible investments for the site, as the long-term operating costs of the renovation are being pitted against the potential for savings from energy efficient technology.

Councillor Lisa Holmes noted that some of the initial improvements were cut, but a majority of the energy efficient upgrades were kept.

"There were a number of items that were reduced," she told the news source. "The building has not lost any of its functionality. We’re getting a pretty good deal on this building. We’re going to be proud of it."

Given the current fuel prices, and the impact that these can have on heating and cooling costs, the council decided to pull the trigger on proposed plans to install a radiant heating and cooling system for the entire facility.

Though the investments may require a high up-front expenditure from the city council, the long-term savings associated with the technologies would allow for savings over the course of the life of the building.

Large buildings benefit from the use of radiant heating systems, especially products like the highly-conductive paneling system offered by Warmboard.

Warmboard radiant heating systems allow the air to be evenly distributed around a room, which helps to limit parasitic heat loss and leads to a reduction in energy use. This technology relies on state-of-the-art design and effective integration of materials that limit waste and maximize efficiency.