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Canadian firehouse outfitted with efficient radiant heating system

Wed, 05/09/2012 - 10:32

The new training facility for the Mississauga, Ontario, fire and emergency services personnel was officially opened on May 8, as the civil servants went into the building to inspect the highly-energy efficient structure following a ribbon-cutting ceremony, the Mississauga News reported.

According to the news outlet, the $30 million Garry W. Morden Centre will serve as the training ground for new crew members and will house the reservists from the Toronto Scottish Regiment

The new training facility was constructed with energy efficiency, sustainability through low operating costs and a high level of comfort in mind, as architects chose to install only the most efficient technology in the structure. Mayor Hazel McCallion noted that the new building would serve the city well and represents an effort on all levels of local government to improve civic life without costing the city too much.

"The Garry W. Morden Centre is a prime example of all three levels of government working together to develop a facility that will enhance the training of our emergency services, while increasing the safety benefits to the citizens of Mississauga," said the mayor.

The city decided to install a radiant heating system in the building as a way to keep the brave men and women warm during the cold Canadian winters. This was also put in as a way to lower the operating costs for the facility.

A Warmboard radiant heating system helps to lower the operating costs because of the design of its panels, as they are made of aluminum and help to conduct the heat from the hot water that is pumped through the system.

A highly-conductive system allows for the water to be heated to a lower temperature than other products, saving energy while providing warmth.