Radiant in Commercial

Canadian building offers increased comfort due to new heating system

Mon, 05/14/2012 - 09:45

The Winnipeg Beach campground will be able to offer a higher level of comfort to its visitors, as the facility received an energy efficient upgrade as a way to limit overall costs while also improving the customer experience, The Interlake Spectator reported.

According to the news outlet, the new facility will feature a host of environmentally sustainable products and technologies, as Winnipeg Beach Operations Manager Bob Bomberack noted that they are almost ready to unveil the revamped building to the public.

The organization's wish list for the new building was adhered to, as products were installed to help lower the long-term operating costs despite the need for a slight upfront investment. The Spectator reported that a solar water heating system, energy efficient radiant floor heat and water saving fixtures were installed, and the existing facilities were reworked to improve efficiency.

"These future phases of development could be completed within the next few years. An interpretive program might also be implemented in the foreseeable future," Bomberack told the news outlet.

The use of a radiant heating system on a large building helps an organization lower its electricity bills, as the use of efficient technology helps to eliminate waste.

Certain products, like a Warmboard radiant heating system, help an organization lower their operating costs while also helping to increase the amount of comfort that is felt by its patrons and visitors.

Because the product relies on the use of highly-conductive aluminum paneling, the system operates with a low level of waste. All energy that is used is maximized, as the amount of parasitic heat loss that sometimes exists for other products is lowered because of the efficient design.