Radiant floor heating possible solution for apartment living

Thu, 07/25/2013 - 13:35

The Greenfire Campus has recently undergone an environmentally friendly renovation. The Balllard News Tribune reported that the campus recently opened a five-story apartment building with 18 apartment homes and a four-story office building. The higher education center is located in Seattle, Washington, and hopes to promote greater sustainability with the inclusion of this new apartment living complex.
According to the news source, the facility will be known as a gentrified, hip, eco-friendly destination. The first floor of the office building will also provide those who live there with access to retail spaces and a parking garage with a space for every unit in the structure. 
The construction of this facility is expected to combine the history of the local area and the new culture of environmentalism that the university has adopted.
"We love the history of Ballard as a city within a city and wanted to play a part in the new, sustainable Ballard," said Ray Johnston, Johnston Architects, according to the news source. "Greenfire Campus is located in the central district of Ballard and is a campus within an urban center. The center of Ballard is growing with blocks of high density housing and Greenfire will turn asphalt into a natural environment and provide a visual relief between the taller buildings. Ballard's density provides the perfect backdrop for this model of ecological design." 
Some of the eco-friendly additions to the space include, geothermal technology, natural ventilation, passive cooling, daylighting, super insulation and radiant floor heating. The last one on that list provides both luxury and sustainability to the space. Renters will be able to experience the comfort of even distribution of heat and feel positive about the operational efficiency of the unit.