Radiant in Commercial

Yoga center is outfitted with radiant floor heating for comfort

Tue, 01/15/2013 - 22:02

A new yoga center in Fairfield County, Connecticut, is offering guests a unique blend of experiences. Patch reports that Venture Yoga, located at 10 Center Street, features numerous luxury amenities, including dual studios, rent-able mats and towels, complimentary cold eucalyptus post-workout towels, a dedicated children's room and radiant floor heating.

The green-energy heating solution was the ideal choice for a yoga studio. Radiant floor heating will ensure that the rooms remain at a pleasant temperature and that the floors will give off warmth as guests try to perfect their downward facing dog just off the surface.

"A lot of places with traditional heating systems dump heat on you and make you sweat because you are physically being blasted with it," Erin Huot, co-owner of the studio, told the news source. "Our system emits radiant heat, which heats you from the inside out, much like the sun. People say, 'I feel like I'm sweating at the right times, when I'm engaged. I'm not just sweating because the room is hot.'"

Erin and her husband Donald Huotinvested their life savings into building and starting the yoga studio. Patch reports that the couple did most of the physical remodeling work themselves, utilizing Donald's contractor skills. In addition, radiant floor heating will help keep operational expenses down. The energy required to run the utility is less than most traditional heating options.

Overall, the main purpose of the business is to support the relaxation of the community - something radiant floor heating and yoga can easily accomplish.

"Especially today, with all the things preteens are managing between school, stress, relationships, yoga really teaches them how to rest," Erin told the news source. "We want them to create small communities on that level. We want them to bring friends and get to know each other. We're all about community here."