Radiant in Commercial

Wyoming town decides on green and sustainable events center

Fri, 08/03/2012 - 15:58

The adoption of energy efficient technology and sustainable buildings is often one that the government struggles with, as convincing the public to spend a little more on upfront costs is often a challenge.
However, the long-term savings associated with energy efficient buildings has been proven time and again, and showing people the facts often tends to change their minds. This is the issue that the Laramie County government had to deal with, as they needed to convince the populus to invest in a green structure in order to lower operating costs and limit energy expenditure.
According to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, the local government had to convince the population to invest in a $30 million events center. Though the price seemed steep, the benefits would be around for a long time.
"Do we want to stop here or continue investing in Laramie County’s future?" Laramie County Fair manager Jeff Ketcham asked rhetorically. "We really believe that this will serve and benefit every person in Laramie County."
He noted that certain installations, including radiant heating and modern insulation would help the center cut costs in the long run.
"It costs more to run the air conditioning than it does heat," said Ketcham. "We’re going to try to make this facility as green as we can. This would be done through using radiant heating, which only heats the audience and not the whole facility."
This benefit is just one of the many draws of radiant heating systems, as the technology curbs energy use and provides a comfortable and targeted heat. Costs are cut and comfort is increased, especially for larger buildings like a community center that houses an entire county during some events.