Radiant in Commercial

Washington County Animal Shelter includes radiant floor heating

Fri, 09/06/2013 - 11:48

Plans for the new Washington County-Johnson City Animal Shelter include a number of sustainable technologies and health and comfort-providing systems. The Johnson City Press reported that Johnson City Mayor Ralph Van Brocklin has announced the latest design components for the building, which will be located on land at 3411 North Roan Street in Johnson, Tennessee. 
The first major design component of the structure is its open ceiling. 
"We felt that a more open-ceiling approach, which would be about two-stories high in the kennel area would allow better air circulation, allows to keep the temperatures more comfortable in there (and) allows to keep the humidity down in there," Brocklin told the news source. "The shelter director feels that the better air circulation will be very useful in controlling any type of ... spread of viruses or anything else amongst the animals as well." 
A radiant floor heating system is being put in to control the warmth in the structure. In addition to being highly energy efficient, the technology also is covered completely by the flooring materials used in the structure, which means that dust, dander, fur and all animal-caused messes are unable to reach the heating system and spread scents or damage air quality. Traditional heating solutions like baseboard units, radiators and vents can all succumb to the mess an animal can create, which limits their cleanliness and functionality.
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