Radiant in Commercial

Warehouse gets outfitted with radiant floor heating

Thu, 01/31/2013 - 15:59

A tile warehouse in Grande Prairie, Alberta, is receiving significant attention - but  not for its wares. The Daily Tribune reports that Tile Ideal, formerly known as Ideal Ceramic and Floors, is making headlines for the energy efficient technologies included within the building's design. 
The business' new location is in a large grey building on 117th Avenue. It has a unique look to it and many passersby can't help themselves as they stare at the castle or fortress-like structure.
"The design is a European castle look," said owner Ingo Helmrich, adding there will be cobblestones put in along the storefront and walkways, and Italian paving stones around the front entrance, according to the news source.
Ideal Tile is 19,000 square feet, and is classified as an environmentally friendly building. Construction of the facility took three years from start to finish because Helmrich wanted the business to exemplify his dedication to reducing the carbon footprint of the retail structure.
"Everything is really energy efficient, the whole building was designed that way," he told the news source. 
Green technologies in the building include a green roof with a walk-out patio, which will soon feature a European-styled coffee shop, insulated concrete walls, radiant floor heating and all the lights except for those in the foyer are light emitting diodes. 
"They're extremely energy efficient, they do not produce heat and they last literally forever," Kai Helmrich, Ingo's youngest son, told the news source.
With the inclusion of energy efficient technologies like radiant floor heating, the Helmrichs are able to reduce the operational expenses associated with running the business. The sustainable heating solution requires less energy than traditional options like forced hot air and is more effective.