Radiant in Commercial

Visit the Batman Suite for a crime-fighting good time

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 13:50

Who hasn't dreamed of being Batman? Or maybe Robin? Well if you have the inclination, there is now a Batman suite available for those who have always dreamed of waking up in the Bat Cave. A motel in Taiwan features the Batman Suite, which comes decked out in a furry headboard, movie poster, bathtub, two TVs, miniature gargoyle figurines and a life-size Bat Mobile that protrudes from the wall. 
The Huffington Post reported that the hospitality establishment is known for its unique spaces. For $50 for three hours, anyone can have the opportunity to spend the night or a few hours exploring what it must feel like to wander into the Bat Cave. Turning fantasy to life, the Eden's "fashion style" suites are known for being above the top, including the "New York New York " room or the "Alcatraz" room. 
Besides having a unique theme, the hotel suite also comes equipped with a number of luxury features to promote comfort. For example, the entire room is outfitted with a radiant floor heating system, which provides guests with toasty, warm spaces to enjoy. The relaxing presence of consistent heat pumped from the eco-friendly technology demonstrates the power of the investment. A radiant floor heating system, unlike forced hot air, allows warmth to slowly fill a space with the power of conduction. The heat travels the pipes and is released in a consistent and constant manner that ensure there are no hot or cold spots in a space. 
Batman may have the latest gadgets for crime fighting, but even he wants to come back to a space outfitted with radiant floor heating for superior comfort.