Radiant in Commercial

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers builds sustainable building in Germany

Tue, 08/09/2011 - 11:01

The U.S. Army has been constructing a 250,000-square-foot Logistics Distribution Center in Europe, as part of an effort to supply bases throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, a government release noted.

As part of a $25 million construction project, the new center will be equipped with the latest in military and sustainable technology. The focus has been placed on energy efficiency along with military effectiveness, as sustainable improvements for consumption of resources have mirrored the new hangars and increased capacity for airplane repairs.

"Solar panels, radiant heat flooring and energy-saving lighting will enable the facility to save money," Lieutenant Colonel Andre Baldanza, DLA distribution commander, noted about the long-term efficiency.

These improvements will maximize efficiency, as the solar panels will heat the water that is used in the tubing for the radiant heating system, according to the release.

Radiant heating systems use hot water to warm Pex tubing that carries heat throughout the premises of where it is installed. The heat from the water is conducted through the tubing and radiates through the surface of the floor to provide heat to the building.