Radiant in Commercial

Transforming an office with the right products

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 16:44

The use of the right products in an office can help a business save time and money, and this principle can be applied to all aspects of an organization. The physical surroundings in a workplace may affect productivity and worker health, and owners should consider making changes to improve their building.
While some improvements may be minor, such as changing the paint to a safer product with less toxicity, others may be a significant upfront expenditure. However, these improvements can lead to lasting savings and increased worker happiness and productivity.
According to an article in Business 2 Community, when budgets are limited, business owners need to display a significant level of confidence in the decisions that they are making about their office. Despite all inclinations that point to financial austerity and a cautious approach, this is when long-lasting improvements can be made.
LED lighting and radiant heating represent potential installations for a business owner that may be somewhat more expensive than other improvements, but have long-term benefits that lead to a much happier office.
LED lighting leads to lower energy use, and subsequently waste, while also helping to improve the ability of people within an office to see what they are doing. This efficient system can limit the electricity bills for an organization and can reduce the pollution that a company may be responsible for.
Radiant heating systems offer this same type of dual benefit, as they are able to reduce the amount of energy that is used - saving the owner money - while also limiting the negative impact a product has on workers.
Older heating systems often produce and distribute airborne contaminants, through the use of radiators, heating ducts and air vents, but radiant systems do not require these fixtures.