Radiant in Commercial

Spokane International Airport's new facility features radiant floor heating

Tue, 07/23/2013 - 07:28

In the cold region of eastern Washington, the Spokane International Airport is getting a new snow removal and equipment building that is designed for ultimate efficiency. The World Interior Design Network reported that the new storage and maintenance facilities is on the north side of the airport's existing 38,300-square-foot airfield equipment building and near the consolidated fuel storage structure.
According to the news source, the new $7.5 million snow removal equipment building is 46,400 square feet in size and has a nine-bay vehicle storage area and a four-bay support space. The Spokesman Review reported that the structure has even been equipped with a 5-ton bridge crane and wash station for the eight snow removal trucks housed on site. 
The project was funded by a $4.50 passenger fee that was charged to every departure ticket. The news source reported that the upgrade was necessary because of the 6.6 million cubic feet of snow that is removed from runways during an average year. 
"The way you make things safe is to have great facilities," David Holmes, chairman of the Spokane Airport Board, according to the news source. "We want an efficient, well-run airport. We want the runways clear." 
A radiant floor heating system has been included in the structure to help promote greater operational sustainability in the maintenance facility. Unlike a traditional heating system, this option allows the structure to remain comfortable for the people who are working on equipment maintenance and keeps heat located low in the structure for greater efficiency. This utility was selected because of its operational efficiency and the resulting decrease in energy bills.