Radiant in Commercial

Renovated motorcycle museum features radiant floor heating

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 08:46

Housed in the old Auburn Electric Co. power plant, a new auto museum will be opening in Auburn, Indiana. The town already has a few museums dedicated to autos of various sorts and styles, but this will be the first one specializing in providing access to a diverse array of motorcycles, reported the News Sentinel. 
Auburn local Neil Colchin has spent time renovating the old power plant with a number of modern features to turn it into the Crossroads Motorcycle Museum. According to the news source, the old plant was falling apart and the renovation was necessary, or the city would have had to pay approximately $100,000 in demolition costs.
"Even though I've rehabbed a number of buildings over the years," Colchin told the news source, "my first visit inside the old power plant late last year was a bit daunting. It was full of trash - part of the second floor had caved in, most of the windows were broken, trees had sprouted in the dirt inside the building and graffiti was everywhere. After examining it thoroughly, however, I realized it was not a hopeless cause as many viewed it and I began to see just what a great opportunity this really was. Since I began talking with the city and I submitted my business plan, I've gotten a lot of positive feedback, and I've only been called crazy a few times." 
The walls, ceilings, electric, plumbing and heating all had to be upgraded to meet with modern standards. A  radiant floor heating system was installed in the property so that guests would feel comfortable as they perused the motorcycles. Unlike a traditional forced hot air system, radiant floor heating technology focuses the distribution of heat at the ground floor, which means people get the most use out of the warmth before it flows up to the ceiling.