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Radiant heating system installed at Alaskan lodge

Tue, 09/04/2012 - 17:14

Many winter lodges and residences rely on the use of radiant heating systems to provide maximum comfort to both homeowners and potential guests, and the further north one goes, the more they might see of this practice.
Because the technology is so efficient and its popularity is increasing, there has been a move by many establishments to use the summer and fall months as a way to prepare their given organization for winter months.
One Alaskan ski lodge did just this, and the installation has already proved to be a success for the winter getaway.
The Seward Phoenix Log reported that the installation of radiant heating into a lodge in Seward, Alaska, has allowed the property owners to cut costs, provide a more comfortable atmosphere to their guests and increase the efficiency of their operation.
The owners of the Summit Lake Lodge chose to install this technology before the winter season, and more than 17 people associated with other local businesses and the Seward Chamber of Commerce Business Innovation Committee will travel to the lodge to see the finished product.
The Business and Innovation Committee is a part of the chamber’s effort to develop a community plan for economic development in the area, and such a cost-cutting installation is exactly the type of project they are trying to document, according to the news outlet.
Cost savings are expected following the new installation, and the number of people that could be influenced to make a similar installation in the area is high, especially given the increased comfort that they will experience when touring the lodge, according to the news outlet.
Radiant heating systems work just as well in smaller residences, as the warm air produced can provide comfort to families during the cold winter months.