Radiant in Commercial

Radiant heat provides wealth of benefits for crop-growers

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 13:35

Installing radiant heat is beneficial for all living things, whether homeowners are looking for structures with more comfortable temperatures or farmers are seeking to create buildings that will better sustain plant life. This type of heating system can help people who are looking to grow crops, especially those who run farms or use greenhouses. 

There are several different ways by which these types of plant growers can best use radiant heat to their advantage. Some have installed radiant heat in their homes or small shops on the property, while others have placed it where it will directly affect the growth of the crop. Either way, farmers can - and do - find ways to incorporate this system in their everyday lives.

Cherry-growers use radiant heat to help battle the cold

Bob Sutherland, a cherry farmer who runs a small business in northern Michigan, was recently profiled in Salon Magazine. Sutherland grows cherries all year round and sells the fruit, along with a number of cherry-related products, at the Cherry Republic. This small structure has been around for more than 25 years and houses close to 170 unique cherry offerings, ranging from treats to t-shirts. Similar to most other farmers in the U.S., Sutherland's operations are greatly affected by the weather conditions, explaining that back in 2012, one heat wave devastated the crops and forced him to explore selling other products aside from cherries, including grapes and cranberries.

But while Sutherland cannot control the weather, he takes advantage of the temperature systems that he can alter. He told the magazine that he has invested in several devices to help not only improve the conditions in the shop, but to decrease the entire company's overall energy expenditures. Sutherland installed radiant heat flooring, utilized solar power to heat the water supply and will be opening a new, LEED-certified plant in 2014.

Greenhouses benefit from underfloor heating systems

Crops can greatly benefit from the installation of radiant heat. Whether farmers are renovating or building greenhouses, investing in this type of heating system can be the difference between healthy plants and malnourished crops. The Geo-Heat Center, which is part of the Oregon Institute of Technology, recently published a case study in which researchers examined the effect of radiant heat on greenhouse crops. They found that radiant heat could help prevent the formation of frost in the winter, extending plant life and greatly reducing an energy bill.