Radiant in Commercial

Publicly funded development to feature green products, red flowers

Fri, 07/13/2012 - 17:59

The town of Woodstock, New York, is famous for bringing peace and love to the American public with the historic 1969 concert, and a new facility in the community was built with these same tenets in mind.
The Woodstock Times reported that a new campus for enriching the water supplies of the region was built using green products and technology like radiant heating, as the Ashokan Center in the remote upstate New York town will operate with a minimal impact on the local environment. This project was supposed to remain true to the green sentiment that is pervasive in the area, and energy efficiency was one of the goals for the facility.
According to the news outlet, part of the building will be used to provide services to the entire region, like cleaning the water supply, the large facility will also serve as an area where local residents will be taught about the benefits of eco-design and green projects.
While many residents were happy about the way in which the facility was constructed and the energy efficient products, such as radiant heating, that were used, others noted that this represented only part of the benefit for the local community.
"But it’s not all about the facilities, this transformation. We have a lot of new staff and we’re launching some innovative new educational programs…I’m so proud of all that’s going on here at Ashokan now. Given the times, it’s really something to have such progress underway," said Kerissa Fuccillo, who is the director of the facility.
Radiant heating and other green products allow a building to operate using as little energy as possible, reducing the negative impact it has on the environment and lowering operating costs for non-profit organizations.