Radiant in Commercial

Public safety building plans include radiant floor heating

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 14:23

Plans for a new public safety building in Warwick, Massachusetts, include a number of eco-friendly and comfort-providing features. The public safety complex has been in the works for the past decade, The Recorder reports. During that time, the town has lobbied for grants and donations have been collected to fund the project. 
The shell of the structure is ready to be started on. According to the news source, funds are tight and the Warwick Volunteer Firemen's Association does not expect the project to get completed with the money currently raised. Instead the association is hoping that the sight of construction will spur on further donations. 
"When the shell (of the new building) is up, people will see that it's real, it's not just 10 years of talk. I'm quite optimistic that it will be a launching pad to raise funds," said Administrative Coordinator David Young, according to the news source. "Getting the old building raised was a sense of achievement."
The design of the facility incorporates the use of many eco-friendly features. The Recorder reports that the single-story building with have three overhead garage doors, a metal roof, vinyl sliding and radiant floor heat. The heating technology is a crucial component of the building because it promotes warmth and comfort in a structure that people will spend considerable time in. 
As a public safety structure, the building will be used as a home base for emergency responders that work to keep the community secure. Radiant floor heating will increase the comfort these individuals feel while they are preparing, strategizing or waiting for potential emergency situations. A training room, offices for the fire and police chiefs, a control room and a small kitchen are all included in the plan.