Radiant in Commercial

Public park adds restrooms with radiant floor heating

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 05:46

The town council for Chesterton, Indiana, is considering a new addition to the Thomas Centennial Park. The downtown park has been used for a number of years by many members of the local community. In addition, the park has been the location of the town's European Market, downtown events and holiday gatherings, reports The Times, which covers the Duneland Community. 
To better ensure that the land can be appropriately used by everyone in the community, the town council is debating the installation of a restroom facility that would feature radiant floor heating so that it may be used throughout the year. 
"Wherever we can, we've tried to make it as user-friendly, vandal-resistant, and maintenance-free as possible," Dave Kinel, project architect, told the news source.
According to the news source, the building will be ADA compliant and feature 9-foot ceilings, exterior security lighting, motion-sensor interior lights, fail-safe locks, aluminized steel exterior three stall for women, one stall and two urinals for men and storage.
The radiant floor heating system will be installed because it will allow the structure to remain heated during the cold winter months. More than a few town events are held on the park's grounds during the cold season and the town council wishes to promote the comfort of its community members. In addition, the utility option is highly energy efficiency and rarely requires maintenance measures, which makes it the ideal solution for an isolation building in a park.
"We are doing this to increase the level service we provide to the community, but it is in no way because we are unhappy with the level of service we have received from other ambulance services," Fire Chief Mike Orlich told the news source.