Radiant in Commercial

Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport builds new hangar outfitted with radiant heating

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 16:11

Modern airport hangars are getting updated with the latest technology to increase the comfort of technicians and reduce the utility bills associated with the space. Aviation Pros reports that the Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport, which uses Phillips 66 Aviation, is now part of the World Fuel Services Network.
The new hangar will feature radiant heating in the 14,000 square foot structure. According to the news source, pilots will not be able to store larger aircraft in a more weather-tight, temperature-controlled building. The airport is a favored place for aviation enthusiasts and other recreation sports fans that wish to reach the Pocono Mountain's recreational attractions.
Radiant heating was the optimal technology choice in the hangar. Officials claim that airport workers, pilots and guests will find the hangar much more comfortable in the winter. The Pocono Mountain's winter, late fall and early spring months are characterized with harsh winds and plentiful snow.
By installing radiant heating, the hangar will remain warm in the areas most inhabited by people and the technology will limit needless heat loss. Because radiant heating warms a space with convection, unlike forced hot air it will not lose heat from vents to the whipping winds of the region.
Selecting a green energy technology like radiant heating has allowed to the Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport to reduce utility expenses and improve the overall experience of its guests and frequent users. Now, aviation and winter sport enthusiasts can better navigate the region from the air, without having to stop at a chilly airport in between trips.