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Ottawa train station to install radiant heating system

Tue, 07/26/2011 - 02:26

The Ottawa transit system had been poorly heated for many years, as the world's second coldest capital city needed a new source of warmth for it's commuters during the winter months, according to the Ottawa Metroland.

Several city councillors decided that an investment needed to be made in order to ensure that travellers would not have to endure the cold winter months in a city that had mastered the art of keeping its citizens warm, the news source reported.

The decision to install a radiant heating system came as great news to many residents who had despised dealing with the brutal temperatures of the station during the winter months. By installing the system the councillors were able to address the rising energy costs along with providing warmth to their citizens, according to the Metroland.

Radiant heating will be installed before the next winter, along with a new roof and walls for the station, marking a complete renovation of the station infrastructure, reported the news source.

This type of heating system can work in residences as well, as radiant heating provides energy-efficient warmth while also maximizing comfort due to the warm floors and low noise levels that are produced.