Radiant in Commercial

New York community builds credit union building with radiant heating

Thu, 09/29/2011 - 09:42

The Hudson River Community Credit Union is going back to its roots for the construction of a new building to house the organization, according to the Saratogian.

Construction began on the $3 million, 16,700-square-foot operations center that will be located on the former site where the International Paper Company began. It was a fitting choice for the placement of the credit union, due to the fact that it was started by former employees of the old paper business.

"We're actually going back to the place where the credit union started in the mid 1950s," Stuart Field, president of the board, told the Saratogian. "That’s very, very important to those of us on the board."

Natural light will be distributed throughout the building due to the massive skylight that takes up a majority of the roof space, and a radiant heating system was installed to provide warmth to the workers during the winter months, according to the news source.

A radiant heating system works well within a professional building, as employees will not be exposed to airborne contaminants that are present in structures that have to use a radiator and air ducts for conventional heating systems