Radiant in Commercial

New Minnesota airport terminal combines energy efficiency, comfort

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 15:36

A new airport terminal is nearing completion in Duluth, Minnesota, as last-second changes and installations are being made to ensure that the facility is as energy efficient as possible.
The Duluth News Tribune reported that the construction of the city's international airport terminal is almost complete, and the spacious lobby and ground floor will be as comfortable and pleasant as possible for visitors to the northern state.
While the aesthetically pleasing exterior of the building will welcome visitors with a combination of friendly colors and brick facade, the interior of the facility will feature a number of new technologies that will help to provide a comfortable setting for pre- and post-flight activities.
According to the news outlet, the terminal will be warmed by a geothermal energy system that will provide heat to radiant panels that were installed throughout the first floor. Winter months will be made less intimidating because of this technology, as the entire building will be warmed through this efficient product.
"The airport really is the gateway to the community," John Hippchen of Reynolds Smith and Hills, told the Tribune. "We wanted to make it as pleasant as possible for people traveling to and from Duluth. It’s the first thing people see coming in. We wanted to make it as pleasant an experience as we can for the flying public."
A radiant heating system works well in a large building or facility, as the technology helps to evenly spread out the heat, which limits the waste and leaves no spaces that are significantly less warm than others.
This lack of a difference in temperature, only two degrees between the floor and ceiling, helps to keep everyone as comfortable as possible.