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New Johnston fire station outfitted with radiant floor heating

Wed, 03/13/2013 - 09:17

The town of Johnston, Rhode Island, will soon be home to two fire stations. The second emergency response building will house the town's second fire station and a police station annex. The Johnston Patch reports that the structure is set to open on March 24, 2013. 
Located at 62nd Avenue and 103rd Street the building is part of a $14 million public safety referendum that passed in August 2011. According to the news source, the cities of Grimes and Johnston agreed to split the cost of building the structure and each would hire three new firefighters. As the populations of both cities have grown, local governments are hoping to put in place the safety initiatives, human resources and equipment necessary to sustain or even improve upon safety levels in the communities. 
According to the news source, the new hi-tech building was built to house an ambulance, fire engine and tanker. The garage was built to both negate the time-consuming task of having to back in these large vehicles and features a special exhaust system to filter the air. To improve comfort in the bay, as safety professionals either prepare or work on equipment, the space was outfitted with radiant floor heating
The utility system is an energy efficient way to heat the bay, without wasting valuable resources. Now, safety equipment will not have to undergo the stress of being stored in a cold environment and then deal with exposure to extreme heat during emergency situations.
Other areas are also being heated using the modern heating solution. Rooms like the fitness center, kitchen and offices are all being effectively warmed using radiant floor heating, reports The Johnston Patch.