Radiant in Commercial

New Hampshire YMCA installs radiant heating thanks to energy rebate

Mon, 08/06/2012 - 16:16

The YMCA of Greater Nashua in New Hampshire recently underwent a significant renovation project to increase the energy efficiency of the structure, and the installation was so effective that it led National Grid Gas to award the organization with a $117,000 energy rebate, according to Telegraph Neighbors.
The rebate was given due to the building's efficient design and the new heating and cooling system that was previously installed, which helped the YMCA cut energy costs and consumption levels.
"When designing this building, we really wanted to create a Y that was both family-friendly and environmentally-friendly to better serve the people of Greater Nashua," YMCA of Greater Nashua chief executive Mike LaChance said. "The 44,000-square-foot Y is built with the health and safety of the entire community in mind."
Since the center included a radiant heating system, the long winters that are often intolerable in such a big building are now eased, providing children and their parents with a more comfortable experience.
"The Nashua YMCA’s energy efficiency efforts are setting the standard for other organizations in New Hampshire," Timothy F. Horan, president of National Grid in New Hampshire, told the news outlet. "It’s gratifying for National Grid to be able to partner with group’s like the Y to help fund their programs and assist them in realizing energy savings for years to come."
A radiant heating system helps to limit costs, consumption and airborne contaminants, providing children with a much more healthy atmosphere.
Since there is less pollution in the air indoors such a large building, remaining in such a structure for an extended period of time does not become problematic, and an organization can run the heat for a longer time to help keep people warm and cozy.