Radiant in Commercial

New college facility incorporates the use of radiant floor heating

Thu, 04/11/2013 - 14:58

A new facility at the heart of St. Mary's College in Ontario is expected to provide students with a superior space for studying. The common building, which is still yet unnamed, will feature a library, cafeteria, gymnasium and auditorium.
The structure is expected to become the center of major public events and a place of learning for the college community, reports the Sault Star.
"We see the commons area as the heart of the new St. Mary's College. Students will be able to build their sense of community by interacting in this area throughout the day. Combined with centralized technological program facilities, specialized labs and inviting classrooms we are confident this new school will provide a learning environment that will allow our students to achieve their best," said HSCDSB Director of Education John Stadnyk, according to the news source. 
The Sault Star reports that the current plans for the building include a number of energy-efficient technologies and materials. Radiant floor heating will be included throughout the new common building so that the college may reduce operational energy costs associated with warming such a large structure. 
Radiant floor heating is an ideal technology for the college because it effectively provides a comforting warmth that will entice students, faculty and the public to stay use the spaces inside the structure without accruing any additional costs for the college. In addition, because radiant floor heating can be split up into zones that each feature individual controls, college maintenance personnel may be able to heat only areas in use. This can result in a reduction in operational heating costs because unused areas like a gymnasium or auditorium can be left unheated.