Radiant in Commercial

New animal shelter to feature latest trends in home technology

Wed, 07/27/2011 - 08:30

The Connecticut Humane Society plans to host an open house this weekend as part of a celebration for the grand opening of the new Waterford animal shelter, according to the Connecticut Day.

A shelter was planned for several years, and the new location will be the latest investment by the Connecticut Humane Society. Located on 169 Old Colchester Road in Waterford, the building has been equipped with modern amenities and the latest in heating and cooling technology, the news source reported.

The $2.4 million building consists of 7,000 square feet of space for animals, twice the size of the previous shelter. Along with the expansion, the property will now have heated floors in order to provide comfortable warmth to the animals and owners while sustaining an eco-friendly environment, according to the Day.

Radiant floor heating systems can provide uniform heat to large buildings like the shelter, as the technology allows for a difference of only 2 to 3 degrees between the ceiling and the floor. This is much less than forced air systems, where the temperature difference can be up to 20 degrees.