Radiant in Commercial

New animal rescue site features radiant floor heating

Thu, 04/18/2013 - 18:38

The Prince Albert local chapter for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Canada is in the middle of a construction project that will end with the creation of a new, modern facility. The Daily Herald reports that the agency has been working to develop the Paw Print Inn Boarding Kennel and off-leash dog park since 2009. 
Officials broke ground on the project in the middle of April 2013 and everyone at the North Industrial Drive property seemed excited.
"This new facility will allow for a more homelike environment for the pets in our care. It will have dog rooms, cat community centres and habitats, where they'll live more normally like a home," Prince Albert SPCA manger Debbie Lehner told the news source.
The animal shelter is expected to incorporate a number of comfort-providing technologies including radiant floor heating. The utility system is expected to help reduce the operational costs associated with running the 12,000-square-foot property. The spacious environment will help volunteers and SPCA workers to care for the various animals that come in.
"What we're really excited about is radiant, heated floors so that the animals will no longer shiver and feel desolate on cold winter nights," Lehner told the news source.
The current SPCA location in Prince Albert is currently overbooked. At only 3,500 square feet it is dwarfed by the much larger replacement currently being constructed. The Daily Herald reports that this new facility will promote comfort for both humans and animals. 
"It's a place where we as humans can show empathy for the other living animals that we share this planet with," Dan Yungwirth told the news source. "It's a place where families can find joy with a new pet, and a place where people can volunteer their services and make our community a better place."