Radiant in Commercial

Minnesota Twins to add radiant heating to outdoor section of Target Field

Fri, 10/05/2012 - 08:13

More and more professional sports organizations in North America are making significant adjustments to their respective stadiums and facilities, as the cost benefits of energy efficient installations are beginning to motivate these teams to green their operations.
According to Fox Sports North, the Minnesota Twins sought to improve Target Field in two different ways, as they looked to provide fans with a more enjoyable atmosphere while also looking to reduce operating costs.
Comfort and cost control were taken into consideration during the recent construction project, as seven rows of "drink rails" will be added to the venue. These sections will be warmed by radiant heating systems and provide fans with a chance to enjoy late-season games outside despite the dropping temperatures that are common in September and October in Minnesota.
"I think the overall headline is that we try to work on refinements and different things every year. Some years big, some years not big, but just kind of try to keep the fan experience at the forefront of our decision making," said Kevin Smith, the team's executive director of public affairs. "Those sections in the right field corner, those bleachers, had some level of obstruction into the outfield areas. So we kind of took a look at that to see what we could do to mitigate that."
The use of radiant heating is becoming a common thing for large venues, as the cost benefits of the technology combined with the increased comfort for visitors help to justify the upfront costs of installation.
Though the technology is often used in homes and smaller facilities, the nature of the product allows for myriad applications.