Radiant in Commercial

Michigan business achieves off-the-grid status

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 15:37

The rising cost of running a business is putting many owners in a tight bind financially. However, Kevin O'Mara, owner of Midwest Analytical Services, has found a way to decrease his reliance on pricey energy. The Daily Tribune reported that O'Mara has decided to take his Ferndale laboratory business off the grid.
A host of energy-savings technologies and renewable resources allow this local business to run cleanly and efficiently. According to the news source, a combination of solar thermal heat and wind turbines provides the energy used to power backup generators. A parking lot has been turned into a solar panel field and produces enough energy to power five or six 1,500-square-foot homes. 
To make the most of the renewable energy, O'Mara decided to include more efficient technologies in the design of the building. The news source reported that eco-friendly lighting and a radiant floor heating system allows the power grid to remain reliable an untaxed by heavy energy loads. 
A radiant floor heating system uses less energy to heat a home than traditional systems that use vents, radiators or baseboard units to transmit warmth. Because the unit deploys heat in even disbursement the boiler is not required to stop and start to get in a jerky pattern that leads to greater energy use. In addition, a radiant floor heating system allows a property owner to use a smart thermostat - decreasing energy usage during hours when the space is unused. 
The heating option is an ideal solution for commercial property owners because of its ability to keep a space at a consistent temperature - regardless of the size of the structure.