Radiant in Commercial

Massachusetts building highlights cost-saving potential of radiant heating, green products

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 15:36

Talking about energy efficiency and products like radiant heating systems and LED lights is not likely to get many people excited, but builders and real estate professionals know the importance of this topic, especially for the years to come.
Building owners, tenants and homeowners are increasingly looking to green products and technology for their properties, as these installations not only increase the value of a structure but also help to cut long-term operating costs.
The MountainOne building in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, is an example of a building that contains these technologies, as it relies on energy efficient products to limit energy costs and consumption, according to iBerkshires. The structure may serve as a model for other properties in the area, as its builders want to spread the green message.
"It's not a sexy topic, it's dry as a bone," architect David Westall, said at a conference in Pittsfield, ticking off a history filled with more than a few acronyms. "It's the forefront of design technology that's gaining momentum and acceptance and public awareness, and it's becoming more commonplace among all designers."
The building incorporates radiant heating, natural plantings and LED lights into its bare-essentials design, complete with a concrete exterior and plain looking decorations.
Radiant heating systems provide a building owner with a way to heat their structure without incurring much of the cost and inconveniences of previous technology.
Because these products use an efficient delivery system, heat is provided at a fraction of the energy expenditure and without much of the waste that other products are responsible for. Along with these efficiencies, the products limit the presence of contaminants, as they do not require the use of heating ducts, air vents or radiators.