Radiant in Commercial

Market moves to new location outfitted with radiant floor heating

Thu, 06/20/2013 - 21:39

Sometimes a business outgrows its current location and the owners have to make the decision to move operations. According to the Herald Dispatch, that's exactly what happened to fair trade gift shop Lamb's Gate Market. The business is moving to downtown Huntington, West Virginia, to take advantage of a larger space near a local retail hotspot. 
The store operates by selling fair trade options, which is the global concept of ensuring that artists, farmers or other craftsmen in under developed countries receive fair wages and work in better conditions. With this premise in mind, it's no surprise that the new operator of the store, current vice president Katherine Pancake Allgood, wished to make the new space eco-friendly.
According to the news source, the new location for the store has been outfitted with radiant floor heating. The sustainable option allows the business to promote feelings of comfort and relaxation throughout the space for both shoppers and workers. Heat slowly radiates from underneath the floorboards to fill the entire space with warmth. 
The utility option not only boosts the comfort someone will feel in the space, but it also will help the store owner to reduce operational expenses. Because radiant floor heating does not rely on the same amount of fossil fuels as more traditional heating options, the store owner will be able to reduce monthly expenses. Those funds can then be used to further flourish the brand or pay artisans a greater wage for their creations. In the competitive retail industry, saving a bit of money here and there on monthly costs, without impacting the quality of the product, the service or the producers, is always beneficial.