Radiant in Commercial

Maine company bringing green technology to corporate campus, state highways

Wed, 09/12/2012 - 15:08

A company that is based in Falmouth, Maine is trying to set an example in the state by installing electric car-charging stations on the highways in the northern part of New England. Not only is it helping other people adjust to green technologies like these automobiles, but it has renovated its corporate headquarters to be a more energy efficient building.
According to a release from TideSmart Global, the six-acre corporate campus that houses a number of different organizations was recently outfitted with an array of green technologies, ranging from LED lighting to radiant heating, and the company is looking to act as an example for other businesses in the area.
By using products like radiant heating - radiant heating systems allow for less energy expenditure and lower operating costs because of a more efficient design - the organization was able to reduce its carbon footprint and save on monthly power bills.
This, coupled with its commitment to providing the state with a number of electric-car charging stations, has demonstrated the benefits of green and sustainable technology.
"We continue to receive inquiries from clients around the world seeking to embrace sustainability," said the company's CEO Steve Woods. "Through our many LEED elements and this latest plug-in EV initiative, TideSmart Global is setting an example for sustainable business that we hope others will follow."
Environmental responsibility and long-term savings helps businesses become more sustainable, according to the company, and corporate leaders should look to install energy efficient technology in order to see these benefits on both their bottom line and the communities in which they exist.
"Part of TideSmart Global's mission is to not only work with clients interested in environmental responsibility, but to also serve as a model here in Maine for sustainable business," said Woods.