Radiant in Commercial

Madison Central Library features radiant floor heating

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 11:48

The new Madison Central Library features a wide range of features and characteristics that are included to boost its usability for patrons. The Isthmus Daily Page reported that the Minneapolis' Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle architectural firm was in charge of the renovations to the building. 
According to the news source, sustainability was a key driver in the renovations and the technology and material selection process. The environmentally conscious design features a fully equipped media lab, designated quiet and busy areas and light wells to brighten lower levels of the building. In addition, the building has been outfitted energy-efficient plumbing, electrical and heating solutions. 
A radiant floor heating system was included in the library's design to boost the comfort visitors felt while they were in the structure and potentially increase the time they spend in the building. The consistent delivery of heat throughout the space better ensures that no space in the library is significantly cooler or warmer than any other unless controlled by a separate heating zone and specifically set to deliver that temperature. 
In addition to providing excellent comfort, a radiant floor heating system also boosts the sustainability of the structure. Despite its ability to create a relaxing environment, the system is also highly operationally efficient. A radiant floor heating system uses less energy than more traditional options like a forced hot air system that uses radiators, baseboard units or vents. This means that heat loss is avoided and it costs less to run the library each month - allowing a library to stay in the black more easily. 
The system's consistent delivery of heat is also beneficial to the many books stored in the library. Dry heat that is even will decrease the chance that the books will get damaged.