Radiant in Commercial

L.A. animal shelter outfitted with radiant floor heating

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 14:26

The new South Los Angeles Animal Care Center has been under construction for a few years now. Designed by West Hollywood architect Rania Alomar, the new facility is outfitted with a few green technologies and has been laid out to promote health and happiness for shelter workers, visitors and the animals living in the center.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the new, modern facility includes raised puppy kennels so that animals are easier to see and more likely to be adopted. In addition, raising the puppy kennels off the ground makes them significantly easier to clean because workers can avoid back strain.

To ensure optimal climate control in the shelter, the architect has incorporated the use of retractable roofs on the outdoor kennels, radiant floor heating and misters. According to The Weather Channel, the average temperature high in January is 68 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low is 48 Fahrenheit in Los Angeles. However, in the summer the average high temperature is 84 degrees Fahrenheit in August and the low is 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity levels and cool nights can create an uncomfortable living situation for animals and humans alike if structures are not properly outfitted with the right temperature-control technology.

Radiant floor heating can keep the shelter at a comfortable warmth level for when the chill temperature permeates the air at night. However, unlike traditional heating sources, it won't transfer pet dirt and dandruff around the facility - allowing the shelter to remain a cleaner and healthier space longer. The modern heating technology will help keep everyone healthier at the facility by allowing common allergens to be swept up during cleaning procedures.