Radiant in Commercial

Keeping the pooches warm with a radiant floor heating system

Thu, 11/07/2013 - 16:51

A luxury dog boarding center in Garden City is making headlines for its unusual classy treatment of man's best friend. The Observer & Eccentric reported that the Lucky Dog Luxury Daycare and Boarding is opening on November 9 - just in time for the holidays, when many pet owners are asking themselves whether it's a smart idea to travel with their dog. 
The facility has two veterinary technicians on staff to ensure that pets with medical issues have quality care and if any emergencies happen on location that there is someone available with the appropriate knowledge and skills to handle it. According to the news source, the luxury doggy daycare and boarding center has over 10,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play areas, a professional-grade Astro Turf sport field and a radiant floor heating system to keep the floors  warm. 
The system is expected to provide the business with considerable benefits. For example, a radiant floor heating system will reduce the operating costs associated with the business because it requires less traditional energy than most delivery options, including vents, radiators or baseboard units. In addition, radiant floor heating reduces the risk of heat loss from occurring, which allows a space to stay at a consistent temperature without further straining the heating system. 
Unlike other heat delivery options, radiant floor heating keeps a space warm using the power of conduction, and will allow all of the dogs laying on the ground in their pens to remain comfortable - regardless of what the temperature is outside. The system also decreases the chance of allergens and contagious diseases spreading around the daycare and boarding center because pollutants and illnesses are not transported through open vents.